Introducing Our New, Cost-Effective Pricing Structure

Nodion Pricing Changes

Published on June 25, 2023

We're excited to announce that we've made significant changes to our pricing structure, making our Platform as a Service (PaaS) even more affordable for businesses and individual developers searching for cost-effective PaaS solutions.

Our recent growth allows us to save on infrastructure costs which we want to pass on directly to our customers.

Introducing Our New Pricing

To give you a clear picture of the savings our new pricing structure offers, we've prepared a comparison table that shows the old and new pricing side by side. You can see how our updated pricing makes our PaaS solution even more accessible.

Application Pricing Changes

Instance Type New Price Old Price
SB-G1-256MB 2 EUR / Mo. 3 EUR / Mo.
SB-G1-512MB 4 EUR / Mo. 6 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-1GB 8 EUR / Mo. 12 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-2GB 16 EUR / Mo. 24 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-4GB 32 EUR / Mo. 48 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-8GB 64 EUR / Mo. 96 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-16GB 128 EUR / Mo. 192 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-32GB 256 EUR / Mo. 384 EUR / Mo.

Database Pricing Changes

Database Type New Price Old Price
SB-G1-256MB 3 EUR / Mo. 4,50 EUR / Mo.
SB-G1-512MB 6 EUR / Mo. 9 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-1GB 12 EUR / Mo. 18 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-2GB 24 EUR / Mo. 36 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-4GB 48 EUR / Mo. 72 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-8GB 96 EUR / Mo. 144 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-16GB 192 EUR / Mo. 288 EUR / Mo.
GP-G1-32GB 384 EUR / Mo. 576 EUR / Mo.

We've already updated the pricing page where the changes are reflected. Since existing customers are billed down to the second, the new pricing will automatically be in effect starting from today (you are automatically billed the new, lower rate).

Do you have questions?

Please open a support ticket if you have questions regarding our pricing changes and we will get back to you as soon as possible.