The Nodion Platform.

A fully managed DevOps platform at your service.

Our Products

Managed Applications

Managed Applications with Scaling, Monitoring & Logs.

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Managed Databases

Managed PostgreSQL databases as well as Redis Caching.

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Object Storage

S3-compatible Object Storage for Assets, Videos, Images, etc.

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Why PaaS?

Platform-as-a-Sevice (PaaS) removes the complexity of setting up
and maintaining the server landscape for your software.
It enables your company to ship features faster
while preserving development resources.

Time Savings

No distractions that take time like adding security patches to your server fleet. You don't need to touch or setup any servers.

Speed to market

Push to your existing Git repository and you are done. Nodion takes care of deploying, monitoring and managing your app.

Focus on your Product

Ship your application and its features faster and without the distraction (or additional headcount) of managing servers or infrastructure.

Scale with ease

Scaling with your platform is very easy and fast. Add resources within seconds, by clicking a button or via an API call at any time.

No changes necessary

Keep your existing Git service, repositories as well as your CI/CD pipelines. Our platform integrates perfectly with them.


You don't need to keep up with deployment technologies, Kubernetes, CNCF, Harbor, or any of that. We'll protect you from distractions.

Increase Security

No need to patch outdated servers or keep them up to date. We make sure on a day-to-day basis that Nodion is always up-to-date.

Deploy anything

We support the most common languages and frameworks. Your apps will most likely run without additional setup.

Save money

Instead of having own employees dedicated to DevOps or developers investing time into those topics you can simply use Nodion.