Custom Domains

Connect your own domains as custom domains to your applications.

By default every application is assigned a subdomain. We generate a unique slug from the name which serves as the default subdomain. For example if your application is called My Test Application the generated subdomain would be: If the slug is already taken, our system adds a number at the end to make it unique, for example

Custom Domains

Subdomains are a great way to get started quickly or to try out how applications work, but for real usage it's recommended to add one ore more custom domains. You can simply point your domains with an ANAME/ALIAS or CNAME record to our load balancers. ANAME and CNAME records allow us to be flexible how we assign IP addresses internally, the downside is that some DNS providers still do not support ANAME records.

Please note that we do not support adding A records. Since our system is highly dynamic the IP behind our load balancers might change, this is why it's important to make use of ANAME or CNAME records. If your existing legacy DNS provider does not support ANAME records, we offer a free DNS service to use in that case.

By default every application supports up to 10 custom domains. If you need more, please open a ticket, we can raise that number.

TLS Certificates

For every custom domain we will automatically add a free TLS certificate. Issuing and renews are automated by our platform. We currently issue ACME certificates powered by Google, Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL.

Custom Certificates

Custom TLS certificates are currently not supported.